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In the 2010/2011 school year, Henry Wise Wood will offer a complete set of GATE courses at the 10, 20 and 30 level in the core subject areas. These include English, Social Studies, Math and Sciences, specifically, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students who have been admitted to the GATE program and who reside in Areas IV and V are eligible to take these courses. Please note: All courses listed will be offered as enrollment permits. If there are too few student requests for a particular course, it will not be offered.

GATE Program admission information is available on the CBE web page .

Click here to view the GATE Parents Association page.

The admission process can be found here: General Information Document 2011-2012 condensed, and the GATE program placement consideration form for 2011-2011 can  be found School Form 2011-2012.

Advantages of the GATE program:

GATE students are included in specialized education that may include:
• opportunities for advanced standing in Pure Math 10 and Science 10
• access to challenging curriculum
• cross-curricular learning with an integrated approach to the curriculum
• Individual Program Plans for all GATE students
• congegated learning environment core subject areas
• independent and/or differentiated learning tasks with emphasis on greater student autonomy
• opportunities to take partial or full IB program as a GATE student
• an emphasis on inquiry based learning
• opportunities for enrichment will be explored
• multiple perspectives on topics
• an emphasis on the upper half of Blooms Taxonomy
• opportunity to challenge the Advanced Placement final exams in core subjects in 2011-2012 year
• students will be encouraged to utilize aspects of Multiple Inteligences in construction and presentation of activities and assignments.